Civil Society Support

From inception KEI has elicited the support of civil society. The Bal Dosts and volunteers associated with KEI interact with a regular basis with families in the relatively better off western Ahmedabad, explaining the vulnerable situation of the underprivileged children in these areas. The families are motivated to support these children’s education in simple ways; one of the most popular ways in which several families support children’s education is by contributing old newspapers and household articles every month, the sale of which generates the income that supports education of drop out children and child labourers from the displaced families. For better viability, the KEI chooses housing settlements where there are at least 20 families are ready to help in the above manner.

All those who participate in this programme become volunteers of this programme. They contribute old newspapers, scrap, clothes and household utensils every month on a scheduled date. The weight of the scrap and list of articles contributed per volunteer are noted. KEI along with representatives from among the volunteers then sell the newspapers, scrap and articles and ensure high returns from the sales. The proceeds are then utilized to provide education to the students and to furnish them with the educational material required.

For accountability there is a committee comprising selected volunteers and members of KEI. This committee keeps track of the accounts of the project. Every six months a half-yearly report is published and the copies are distributed to the members of the committee and all other volunteers.