The Kadam Resource Centre for children

KEI is also developing the Kadam Resource Centre (KRC), especially for child labourers, children who beg on the streets, children of women who are forced into sex work and adolescent girls at risk of being trafficked. KRC strives to mitigate the high risk that these children are vulnerable to, and provide the interim protection and emotional support that they are entitled to, till such time that safer arrangements could be made for their education and development.

  • This resource centre intends to supplement formal education through additional facilities and services to offset the disadvantage that they face due to denial of basic amenities and entitlements.
  • This centre is seen as a developmental space for children from underprivileged groups, where they would be provided special inputs with the help of experienced volunteer teachers and other experts.
  • The resource centre is equipped with a library and also facilities for counseling for children in distress.
  • Vacation camps are organized and facilities are arranged for them to stay in KRC during vacations, for additional educational inputs.
  • Older and laboring children who may not fit into the regular formal education set up of the state Board are provided with course of Open Basic Education in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). This covers language, mathematics, social science, and science. Children who complete the course will obtain a certificate from NIOS. The course has the flexibility of being able to operate at three different levels A, B and C, with attainment at each level equivalent to standards III, V and VIII of the formal schooling system. Trained teachers guide students through basic and more advanced education.
  • KRC has special focus on adolescent girls who are at risk of being trafficked. Special educational inputs that include distress counseling, reproductive health awareness and life skills would be provided thus enabling them to face adverse situations through enhanced confidence and self esteem.
  • The RC is developing a facility to keep track of the children begging on the streets, counsel their parents and provide facilities for them to go back to school.
  • One of the major efforts of the RC is to engage with the Municipal Corporation and the Government to ensure that all the entitlements of the children are made accessible.

There is no such facility in the city today and the suffering of children remains by and large invisible. We would strive to make the Resource Centre a collaborative effort of the community, the civil society, corporate groups and the government, working collectively to protect the rights of children who might otherwise be