The Scholarship Programme

The scholarship support is the second phase of the support provided through KEI. The supporters of KEI meet the educational expenses (tuition fees, travel expenses to the school and back and food expenses) through donations.

  • Those children who are equipped to enter the mainstream are linked to KEI supporters who are ready to pay their educational expenses.
  • The donor meets the entire expenses of paying tuition fees of the school, travelling and food.
  • KEI Bal Dosts and volunteers manage the entire process - securing admission in schools, assisting the children in their studies, being present in the parent-teacher meetings along with their parents and giving progress reports of these children to the supporters.

The process of arranging scholarships

  1. As soon as requests for scholarships come in, volunteers from KEI visit the family and ensure that the child comes from a needy family.
  2. A format has been designed to prepare a profile of the child and the family in order to ensure that the child who is being supported is sure to continue his / her studies.
  3. KEI enter into a written agreement with the parents of the selected children that they would not withdraw the child from school till they complete the higher secondary.