Who We Are

Kadam Education Initiative (KEI) emerged as a Civil Society Organization working in Ahmedabad city to address the issues of child labour, child protection and education in the context of displacement and rising poverty in the city. KEI, since 2007, has worked to meaningfully engage with these children who are denied their childhood, create conditions wherein they could regain their childhood, help them secure education and develop as equal citizens of this country. Kadam Education Initiative (KEI) reaches out to these disadvantaged children in Ahmedabad with active support from civil society, government and corporate groups (industry and business).

KEI has a commitment to quality education that develops children’s cognitive abilities in a way that is enjoyable and exciting. Here we strive to be a model of inclusive education with a focus on development of cognitive skills in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect between teacher and student. Through building the trust of parents and children we give them a reason to believe in education and to invest their time and energies in it. Excellent provision of teaching-learning materials ensures that lessons are not only educationally valuable but also enjoyable and stimulating, so that children are motivated to attend school and engage in the pursuit of learning.

Working for children of displaced families
Children of women forced into sex work; children begging on streets; and for all children in the city denied their childhood and deprived of education.
Education Centre
Education Centre based on a joyful learning pedagogy, managed by “Bal Dosts”
Scholarship Program
Scholarship Program of KEI is a link between needy students and donors from Civil society.
Resource Centre
Kadam Resource Centre conceived as a safe Developmental space for children, also making state entitlements for children accessible.